Concrete Reinforcing Mesh

This versatile reinforcement mesh is commonly used as a reinforcing fabric in concrete slabs. It is set into the concrete to enhance tensile strength, structural integrity and ongoing durability. It is also used in walls and other concrete structures such as footings and columns in the construction and associated industries.

Increases structural rigidity

Reinforcing mesh manufactured from mild steel is incorporated into the concrete slabs at the pouring stage to enhance the strength and rigidity of the construction where the reinforced concrete is an integral part. The steel reinforcement also plays a vital role in spreading the load-bending tensile force of any materials used on top of the concrete.

With a similar coefficient of thermal expansion to concrete, the embedded reinforcing mesh expands and contracts at the same rate with fluctuations in temperature. Plus the added tensile strength provides resistance to cracking.

The use of mild steel reinforcing mesh also means more flexibility in the concrete. It strengthens it against compressive stresses, tensile stress, vibration, wind and shearing.

Versatile product applications

Supreme Merchants supply a comprehensive range of concrete reinforcement mesh fabric in A142, A193 and A252 British Standard denominations, with other grades available on request.

A grade reinforcing meshes are primarily designed for use where load or compression force on the concrete structure is limited and the anti-cracking benefits are a more important consideration. B grade reinforcing meshes are specified where loads are greater such as in structural applications.

The number following the A grade denomination relates to the volume of steel per square metre width, expressing the thickness of the steel wires in the lattice. For example, A193 reinforcing mesh has 193mm2 per metre, whilst A252 is a heavier-duty option with 252mm2 of steel per square metre.

Standard domestic applications such as driveways and groundwork generally use A142 reinforcing mesh, with cross and longitudinal wires at 6mm nominal mesh wire size. Heavier duty A193 and A252 steel reinforcement meshes are specified for higher load applications.

Standard sizes of mild steel reinforcing mesh designed to withstand compression forces stocked by Supreme Merchants include A and B grades with differing mesh panel sizes.

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