Shuttering Ply Board

Shuttering plywood sheets are purpose-designed to form a temporary yet strong and resilient frame into which concrete can be poured to create the required shape. This supporting frame is known as concrete formwork or formwork plywood and holds the concrete in shape until it has completely gone off. At this point, the shuttering ply is removed.

Softwood shuttering ply consists of softwood veneers front and back, sandwiching a core created using bonded sheets of thin timber or veneers. The result is a tough, durable and lightweight material with significant load-bearing capacity.

Common uses for shuttering plywood

Softwood shuttering ply has a range of uses, including softwood plywood shuttering in construction, roofing, hoardings, and even flooring and joinery purposes as well as a range of general-purpose commercial and residential building applications.

Typical concrete pouring applications include concrete slabs, columns, steps, wall sections, and even complete building sections and structures such as bridges.

Softwood shuttering plywood is durable and is suitable for reuse for multiple construction applications and environments, making it a more cost-effective choice than simple wooden planks.

It is supplied with a smooth and regular surface finish, which makes it the perfect choice for quality formwork and an aesthetically pleasing concrete finish for interior applications.

Thicknesses available

At Supreme Merchants, we offer quality shuttering ply at three thicknesses and a standard 2440mm x 1220mm sheet:-

The thicker the board selected the stronger it will be, but equally the thicker panels can be more difficult to work with.


Softwood shuttering plywood offers a range of benefits. It’s strong, extremely durable and resistant to moisture and chemicals, making it ideal for many construction projects. Select and buy your shuttering plywood and fittings online from Supreme Merchants.