Red Engineering Bricks

Red engineering bricks are usually specified for structural performance rather than aesthetic values. They provide an excellent combination of compressive strength, low moisture absorption and acid resistance for improved structural integrity.

Where are red engineering bricks used?

Suitable for use either above or below ground, these bricks are the product of choice for applications including damp-proof courses, retaining walls, sewers and other groundworks, providing resistance to frost attack and weathering. These bricks are not usually used for facing work or selected for their aesthetic qualities.

Class A and Class B options

Engineering bricks are available as Class A or Class B options. Class A engineering bricks have a compressive strength above 125N/mm2 with a water absorption count of less than 4.5%. Class B engineering bricks are a step down with a compressive strength of over 75N/mm2 and water absorption below 7%.

Standard sizes

The standard size of these bricks is 215mm x 102.5mm x 65mm. Just like facing bricks, they are made from clay but produced using high-quality material for high strength, kilned at higher temperatures to achieve their performance properties and physical characteristics.

They are available in both a perforated or solid construction. Perforated engineering bricks are lighter, faster to lay and put less stress on the foundation.

When ordering your engineering bricks and pack quantities, look at Supreme Merchants’ extensive range of sand and cement options to complete the package you need for your project.