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Cement is one of the UK’s most popular and commonly used building materials, and has been used around the world for thousands of years. Today, it is sold in powder form and is used as a binding agent mixed with aggregates to form a powerful seal.

Whatever the size of your construction project, from small to large scale builds, at Supreme Merchants we offer highly competitive prices on bags of cement, with a focus on quality products available ex-stock to meet all requirements.

Our range of cement products covers all standard uses and applications, from mixing concrete, mortar, screeds and rendering. We supply in 20kg bags as well as standard cement 25kg options.

How is cement made?

Description cement – cement is normally produced using limestone, which is mixed with clay and other components to create modern commercial cement designed for construction applications.

Limestone is heated to produce lime, and mixed with clay and water to produce a paste which is then kiln-treated to form a clinker. The clinker is finely ground and combined with gypsum to create cement. Water is then added to the mix to form a paste binding additional materials together.

Cement binds other materials to it

Cement is a binding agent which is very rarely used on its own. It is commonly used to make concrete, a combination of cement, sand, gravel and water.

In its role as a binder, the cement hardens and sets, adhering successfully to other materials such as aggregates to create tough and robust products used primarily in the construction industry.

Cements we trust

At Supreme Merchants, we believe in supplying quality products at the right price to the customer, offering a selection of well-known and trusted cement based on our experience of their proven reliability over the years.


We offer high-quality products at competitive prices, available ex-stock, and delivered to your door or site. Special prices are available for bulk quantities. We also stock all other products required for the manufacture of concrete, such as building sand.