LBC Bricks

If you’re looking for facing bricks, at Supreme Merchants, we offer a selection of quality products made by the London Brick Company – arguably the most famous brick company in the world, now owned by Forterra.

The iconic London Brick Company first fired up their kilns to manufacture bricks back in 1877. Since then, it’s estimated these high-quality facing bricks have been used in the construction of over five million homes in the UK, an amazing 25% of our total housing stock.

Popular colours and textures

Also known as Fletton bricks after the site of the first brickworks, these quality products offer excellent compressive strength and are available in a range of colours, from buffs and greys to browns and reds.

It is important to remember when buying bricks that this is a natural material, with inherent colour variations. To achieve a more natural colour finish, it’s best to work from a number of different brick packs at the same time for a consistent colour and texture finish.

Standard 65mm brick height

Standard house bricks used in the construction of housing schemes in this country measure 215mm x 102.5mm a 65mm, usually referred to by the latter measurement.

All bricks stocked by Supreme Merchants provide excellent compressive strength and F1 durability rating for frost resistance.

Why choose LBC bricks?

The facing brick design manufactured by the London Brick Company is characterised by what is known as the ‘frog’ feature. An indent in the top of the brick, the frog contributes to even heat distribution during the firing process. It also makes LBC bricks easy to work with and handle.

LBC bricks combine quality and economy and are produced using natural materials that can be recycled at the end of life, making them a green and sustainable choice.

When selecting high-quality London Brick Company bricks from Supreme Merchants, take a look at our huge range of sand and cement for your next build project.