Rolls of Artificial Grass

More and more people are making the decision to move away from a natural lawn to artificial grass, also known as synthetic grass or fake grass.

It always looks great and needs very little maintenance and no mowing! There’s no need to weed or cut it so it’s perfect for year-round use in your garden or outdoor space.

Typically made from a synthetic yarn material, artificial turf is particularly good for areas where it’s difficult to grow or retain natural grasses due to poor light or foot traffic. This makes it ideal for beer gardens, larger areas and other public spaces.

Artificial grass is far less subject to wear and tear in gardens, and won’t flatten or discolour. There are no disease issues, no mud and today’s premium products are even soft and comfortable underfoot for children and adults alike. It’s pet friendly too!

More realistic than ever

Reflecting the growing popularity of artificial grass, there are different pile heights to choose from. Decide based upon use, as well as different types and shades of finish to harmonise with the environment and climate.

At Supreme Merchants, we’ve selected a range of quality synthetic grass products in full rolls and widths of 2 and 4 metres up to 25m in length. Choose from our favourite designs.

  • Aspen Artificial Grass/30mm pile height – engineered for performance with a soft and comfortable feel underfoot, durable, retains look and functionality, excellent visual appeal
  • Birch Artificial Grass/38mm pile height – dense, soft and realistic, versatile, easy maintenance grass effect
  • Holly Artificial Grass/30mm pile height – lifelike and vibrant dual colours design, excellent value, ideal for all garden grass applications
  • Spruce Artificial Grass/40mm pile height – generous pile height, varied green hues, soft yet dense, durable and resilient grass product
  • Willow Artificial Grass/45mm pile height – premium darker green look, 45mm pile height for comfort, realistic finish, luxurious grass texture

Easy installation

Artificial grass is easy enough to install properly with just basic DIY skills and the right tools. Don’t forget the necessary accessories. Supreme Merchants stock everything you need for the job including jointing tape, fixing pins, weed membrane, adhesives and even builders’ sand or aggregate for your base.

Consider drainage – create a soakaway at the front, filled with larger aggregate or rubble. This will hold excess rainwater and allow it to disperse slowly.

Create the right base for your fake grass using sand or aggregate and always use a weed membrane. Remember to align the rolls with the pile in the same direction across the lawn. This will help to make the joints less noticeable. Also consider adding a landscaping edging to finish off the turf effect.

In summary

Artificial grass is a great trouble-free solution for your garden and outdoor spaces, with lots of benefits in use including safe play for children and pets.

Take a look at our range of premium artificial turf rolls solutions and get started. At Supreme Merchants, we can supply everything you’ll need at competitive prices.