OSB Sterling Board

OSB Sterling board is an engineered wood sheet material favoured by builders, especially for applications in humid conditions. High strength, versatile and competitively priced, it is manufactured from wood strips, wax and resin. It is available in a range of thicknesses, with a standard panel size of 2440mm x 1220mm.

What is OSB sterling board?

OSB stands for Orientated Strand Board. This engineered sheet material is manufactured using compressed layers of wood strands, which are laid in a random crisscross pattern of different thicknesses. This method creates improved shear strength and also gives OSB its finished appearance.

Oriented Strand Board was introduced to the construction market in the 1950s, and usually incorporates outer wood strips originating from new pine growth such as Southern Yellow Pine from sustainable sources. It’s easy to work with and can be sawn, planed and drilled without compromising the integrity of the board. OSB board provides an effective yet low-cost alternative to hardwood plywood.

What is OSB wood sheet used for

OSB sheets provide a cost-effective alternative to softwood plywood and are used in a wide range of building applications, including:-

  • Wall sheathing materials
  • Roof sheathing materials
  • Flooring materials – subfloors, flooring, mezzanine decks
  • Structural use
  • Furniture manufacture
  • Signage
  • Concealment applications

Types and classification of OSB boards

OSB sheet is classified into four key types. The word ‘Sterling’ refers to the quality OSB panel products manufactured by West Fraser (previously Norboard), a leading producer of engineered wood panel products.


Suitable for general purpose and non-structural elements, not suitable for use where moisture may be present.

Sterling Board OSB2

Engineered wood material for dry conditions, suitable for load-bearing applications.

Sterling OSB3

Designed to withstand even the most rigorous levels of humidity, load-bearing and versatile.


The heavy-duty end of the OSB grades is suitable for use in structural applications.

What are the main benefits of OSB wood sheets?

Combining versatility, strength and cost-effectiveness, OSB is increasingly popular for a wide range of building projects.

  • High shear strength, giving great performance from an engineered wood product
  • Cheaper than alternatives like plywood and chipboard
  • Long life span – estimated at 30-60 years
  • Sustainability – using wood strands to minimise waste from sustainable forest sources

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