Grey Concrete Paving Slabs

Pressed concrete flags are found everywhere underfoot across the built environment, in outdoor spaces. They are used for both domestic and commercial projects. In our homes, they are used for garden paving, patio slabs and paving, and driveways.

Sometimes referred to as ‘slabs’, these flat, rectangular blocks also provide a practical and economical pavement solution in areas of high pedestrian traffic in our busy town centres and commercial estates.

Standard sizes

As the name suggests, grey-pressed paving flags are moulded from a damp, high-strength concrete mix, hydraulically pressed and left to cure.

The two most popular sizes are 900 x 600 x 50mm (0.54m2) and 600 x 600 x 50mm (0.36m2).

They are robust, hard-wearing and versatile, and can be laid either as individual units or organised into patterns and shapes, creating an improved aesthetic effect.

Durability to last a lifetime

Pressed paving slabs provide a durable and hardwearing finish, requiring little maintenance and offering a lifetime of service. At a thickness of 50mm and when combined with the correct sub-base, they are also suitable for use in areas subject to vehicular traffic.

Manufactured to British Standards, they feature what is known as a ‘pimple’ effect, which is a lightly textured surface to create improved traction and slip resistance underfoot.

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