Bulk PIR Insulation Board

Used across the construction industry since the late 1960s, polyisocyanurate (PIR) insulation boards are a form of rigid foam insulation which starts life as a thermoset plastic blown into foam and then formed into boards. These durable boards will not come loose or compress during their lifetime, making them a safe and long-lasting solution for premium performance insulation.

One of their key benefits is low thermal conductivity, which means their energy-efficient properties will play a part in helping to reduce household heating bills, and providing high-performance insulation.

PIR boards are designed to be lightweight for ease of installation, strong for durability over time and tough enough to retain their shape and performance to provide exceptional insulation properties and reduced heat transfer.

In a PIR insulation board, the rigid foam core is covered on both sides with two aluminium foil facings, giving improved thermal efficiency (reduced heat loss) at an affordable price. They can also incorporate fire-resistant properties.

Different sizes and thicknesses

Because of their performance characteristics, PIR boards are usually only half the thickness of traditional insulation boards whilst providing equal or superior levels of insulation. They are available in a wide range of thicknesses, generally from 20mm up to 150mm.

At Supreme Merchants, we stock a comprehensive range of PIR rigid thermal insulation products. Xtratherm Insulation PIR board is available in thicknesses from 25mm to 150mm and in 2400 x 1200mm board sizes.

Our Recticel range of PIR insulation is available in thicknesses from 20mm to 140mm and in board sizes of 2400 x 1200mm, ideal for a range of applications. All products are easy to cut and handle. We offer a range of discount deals on bulk volumes of PIR insulation products.

Excellent thermal performance

The recent escalation in energy prices has made everyone think about the thermal efficiency of their homes. PIR insulation board offers a low thermal conductivity measure of only 0.022 W/mK, making these products effective as an insulation choice. Even when taking manufacturing energy into account, estimates suggest that PIR will save 80 times this throughout its useful life cycle.

Various applications in the construction industry

Ideal for improving thermal conductivity and energy efficiency without adding extra bulk, PIR boards are used to line timber frame and solid masonry walls, flat roofs and to insulate pitched roofs, ceilings, cavity wall insulation, internal wall insulation and floors and lofts to provide added insulation properties. Bringing warmth and comfort in the colder months.

PIR is the perfect construction material. It is easy to cut and form is moisture resistant due to a closed-cell structure, and will not rot or deform over the years.

Fire resistance

Fire-resistant PIR panels comply in full with current building regulations in terms of fire performance. Rigid PIR insulation core provides good fire-resistant properties and thermal stability with no dripping or melting, is also resistant to ignition and releases only minimal toxins when burning, making them an excellent choice for improving fire safety in all types of buildings.

Although they are rated F (combustible) by Euroclass fire ratings, their performance in use is better than this rating would suggest.

Browse our extensive range of bulk deals, and choose the correct size and thickness of PIR insulation materials for the application.