Fibreglass Loft Insulation

Glass mineral wool insulation materials have been used for aeons, beginning with the ancient Egyptians, with fibreglass first introduced in the 1930s.

Following rock mineral wool, today’s highly efficient fibreglass insulating material is produced in a manufacturing process that uses strands of glass fibre, woven to create a lightweight yet dense sheet that plays a vital role in conserving heat.

For cold lofts, they help to maintain a balance in temperature, improving energy efficiency in both residential and commercial buildings, and keeping properties cool in summer and warm in winter.

Durable fibreglass insulation materials can be used anywhere in the home or office, including lofts, internal wall insulation, floors and ceilings, between beams, studs and joists.

Why choose fibreglass insulation for homes

Fibreglass wool insulation provides a cost-effective and affordable choice for loft insulation, improving thermal effectiveness in a building.

  • In roll form, it is relatively inexpensive and easy to install
  • It saves money on heating and cooling costs, significantly improving thermal efficiency and reducing heat loss and therefore energy consumption
  • It is lightweight and designed specifically for installation between loft space joists to provide excellent coverage, just rolling out on the loft floor for simplicity, and easier to fit than insulation boards
  • It provides good acoustic insulation properties as well as thermal for loft spaces, reducing noise transmission, assisted by the air pockets that form part of the fabric of the material
  • It provides a good degree of fire insulation and fire resistance – most forms are non-combustible, coated with fire-resistant materials
  • It is made using natural materials and is recyclable at the end of life, providing an environmentally friendly and sustainable choice

Thicknesses of fibreglass insulation available

Supreme Merchants offer high-quality Superglass glass mineral wool insulation rolls in different thicknesses:-

The thicker the fibreglass insulation material, the greater the R-value, which classifies a material in terms of its thermal conductivity. Retaining more heat inside a building by loft insulation using effective insulation with a greater R-value will reduce energy bills – an important consideration when energy costs are high, improving comfort and providing superior thermal performance.


If you’re looking to enhance thermal performance and reduce heat loss using inexpensive but efficient fibreglass insulation, consider the Superglass brand from Supreme Merchants. Our products are available in numerous thicknesses and are ideal for commercial and residential applications.