Elliotis Plywood

Elliotis pine plywood is manufactured solely from Elliotis Pine (Pinus Ellioti), also known as ‘slash pine’ or Florida Pine, a conifer native to the USA. It’s also commonly known as shuttering plywood.

How is Elliotis plywood constructed?

This softwood plywood sheet is produced using an odd number of plies. Each ply is placed at a 90-degree angle to its neighbour, creating a strong and balanced construction. The outer layer veneers display the longest dimension of the panel.

Structural grades

The specific structural grades of this softwood plywood are reusable phenolic film-faced panels designed for use as formwork to create smooth concrete structures. The medium-density panels are overlaid on either one or both sides.

There are several different types of Elliotis structural grade plywood. These include:-

C+ /CE2+: Designed for use in applications including floor decking where a solid surface is required. The panels perform a shuttering role when used with release agents.

C+ /C CE4: Providing a cost-effective way to enhance performance, repaired and sanded on one face and ideal for general structural applications.

B/C: Featuring a solid wood face on one side of the board. Repairs larger than 5mm are effected using natural wood. This grade provides strength and a natural wood surface for veneering or painting.

C/C CES2+: Roughly finished on both faces this type of Elliotis plywood is sometimes known as ‘sheating’ and provides an affordable option for general structural work.

B/B O&ES: Presents with a solid wood face, sealed using mineral oil. Excellent for concrete formwork.

T&G: Different grades of Elliotis are manufactured with tongue and groove connectors for floor and roof decking.

Common uses for Elliotis plywood

Elliotis softwood plywood sheet is durable, versatile and used in many applications, including:-

  • Construction (structural and non-structural, shuttering)
  • Furniture
  • Film sets
  • Hoarding
  • Exhibition stands
  • Dry lining and partitions
  • Packaging

The main benefits of Elliotis pine plywood

This multi-use plywood manufactured using a square-edge glue classification offers several advantages in use:-

  • A cost-effective and versatile choice for concrete formwork
  • A softwood plywood suitable for structural applications
  • It can be used in areas where the moisture content is more significant
  • Manufactured to BS eN 314-2 quality standards

Thicknesses available

At Supreme Merchants, we stock Elliotis Plywood in four different thicknesses:-

  • 9mm Structural CE2+ 2440 x 1220 (8’x 4′)
  • 12mm Structural CE2+ 2440 x 1220 (8’x 4′)
  • 18mm Structural CE2+ 2440 x 1220 (8’x 4′)
  • 24mm Structural CE2+ 2440 x 1220 (8’x 4′)


If you do lots of activity in structural and non-structural building work, then our Elliotis pine plywood sheet materials collection will come in handy and serve you well! At Supreme Merchants, we offer special bulk prices and reliable delivery – contact us to discuss your requirements.