Hardwood Plywood Sheets

An excellent choice of construction material, hardwood plywood is extremely strong and durable. It consists of a core of real softwood veneers such as pine or spruce with layers of real hardwood veneer including oak and walnut on both facing sides. These are glued for high internal bond strength and compressed at 90-degree angles to the adjacent layer to create a cross-grain finish for added strength and durability, resistant to splitting and warping.

Providing a high strength-to-weight ratio and great flexibility, hardwood plywood sheets come in a variety of different types including both structural and non-structural forms, as well as marine plywood designed for applications where the eventual design or structure could be exposed to moisture and therefore requires added integrity.

What’s it used for?

Hardwood plywood is used in both domestic and commercial applications. Around the home, it can be used to build furniture, clad walls, panelling, internal and external joinery, flooring, fencing, outdoor decking, shelving, garden sheds and in the kitchen.

Commercially, it’s also commonly used as a base for tiling, lining out vans, and general joinery and is suitable for a range of structural applications.

Hardwood plywood density ranges from 500 to 900 kg/m3, dependent upon the type of wood specified. It is easy to work with, holding nails and screws well. It can be painted and staining is also possible but the material might absorb stain at different rates making it difficult to achieve an even finish.

Conforms to BS EN314-2 Class 3

Hardwood ply uses resin-bonded veneers. BS EN314-2 Plywood bonding quality requirements specify three classes of product; 1, 2 and 3. Exterior plywood sheets supplied by Supreme Merchants are approved for Class 3 use in exterior conditions, where they may be openly exposed to weather conditions and relatively high levels of humidity.

Where hardwood plywood is used for exterior applications, it is important to use an approved edge sealant to cover any exposed cross-grained ends to ensure the product retains adequate levels of moisture resistance and prevents warping.

Standard 2440x1220mm sizing

Supreme Merchants stock high strength, load-bearing structural hardwood plywood in a standard 2440 x 1220mm panel size, and at a wide range of thicknesses for different applications from 5.5mm to 18mm. Both front and back sides of the board feature a high-quality hardwood veneer for added strength and durability.

The thinner sheet materials are flexible enough to allow for a degree of curve when fitting, proving a popular choice and particularly useful for shopfitting applications and lining out commercial vans.

Volume discounts are available on hardwood plywood products, all of which comply with UK timber regulations. Remember to buy the screws and other fixings you’ll need for your projects when you choose FSC-certified hardwood plywood from Supreme Merchants.