Wood Sheet Materials

At Supreme Merchants, we stock the high-quality sheet materials you require, whatever your construction project may be, in the right quantities and at the right prices.

These materials are engineered wood products, designed and manufactured for specific applications. They are not sawn timber products. Most of these boards are produced using recycled timber together with a range of resins and adhesives, pressure and heat-treated, resulting in the creation of products purpose-designed for strength, durability and cost-effectiveness.

In short, these sheet wood materials provide the ideal solution for individual environments and applications. We stock sheet materials suitable for both structural and non-structural applications.

Chipboard flooring

Sometimes known as particle board, T&G and tongue and groove, these wood sheets combine durability and versatility with the right price point and versatility for flooring applications.

Produced using waste and recycled materials such as wood chippings, sawdust and wood shavings chipboard offers a sustainable solution, reducing waste to landfill.

Used predominantly for floors in commercial and residential buildings, sheet wood chipboard is quick and easy to install using the tongue and groove connection system.

Hardwood plywood

Hardwood plywood is manufactured to combine a core of softwood veneers, for example, spruce and pine, sandwiched by external layers of quality hardwoods such as walnut or oak to create a durable, hardwearing wood surface. The layers are glued and compressed at alternating right angles to create a cross-grain pattern for added durability and rigidity.

Suitable for commercial and residential applications, this sheet material is commonly used to clad walls, for internal and external joinery including other decorative panels, furniture, decking, fencing and even outdoor structures such as sheds. It’s also ideal for lining vans, as a base for tiles and structural applications.

MDF Sheets

MDF (Medium Density Fibreboard) is an engineered wood used in a variety of applications, including structural use, standard joinery and furniture.

A cost-effective engineered wood product, Medium Density Fibreboard board offer a variety of benefits within both construction and economy furniture. It is produced using mainly waste materials like wood shavings and sawdust, combined with a range of resins and waxes then heat and pressure treated to form durable panels.

MDF board is easy to handle, takes paint and stain well and retains a smooth surface with a consistent look and feel.

OSB Sterling Board

OSB (Oriented Strand Board) is an engineered sheet material produced using wood strands in random patterns and thicknesses which are compressed and provide excellent shear strength.

It is a popular material which is easy to saw, plane and drill, providing an excellent alternative to other types of wood sheets.

OSB is the perfect choice for many applications including wall and roofing sheathing and furniture manufacture.

Shuttering plywood

Shuttering ply is used primarily in concrete pouring applications, creating a formwork holding the concrete in shape until it reaches full cure and strength.

This structural plywood is used to create a range of concrete structures, from slabs to walls, columns, steps and staircases, even bridges and entire buildings.


Visit each of the sub-category pages for more information and full details on the great range of sheet materials, sizes, thicknesses and sheet wood types available. At Supreme Merchants, we’re always happy to advise on the suitability of each product for the intended application – just give us a call.