Timber Joist Hangers

Supreme Merchants supplies a comprehensive range of high-quality galvanised steel joist hangers to facilitate secure and stable connections for applications involving suspending solid timber such as solid-sawn joists, trusses and engineered joists to masonry walls or steel beams.

Suitable for use in applications including roofing, flooring, ceilings, decking and other construction projects, joist hangers from Supreme Merchants are manufactured using strong pre-galvanised steel for durability and comply with BS EB 845-1.

Indispensable metalwork for builders and roofers, these products are sometimes referred to as jiffy hangers or joist brackets and are available in a range of sizes and designs to support specific loads and applications.

Timber to masonry joist hangers

Durable timber to masonry applications joint hangers from Supreme Merchants are made from pre-galvanised mild steel, and feature a top flange providing a broad contact area for enhanced performance. Designed to support wooden joists and floor joists, trussed rafters and beams from masonry walls, these products add strength and evenly distribute loads.

Available in product sizes from 47 mm x 100 mm to 100 mm x 225 mm.

Timber to timber joist hangers

Designed to support timber joists from timber members, these timber to timber joist hangers feature top levels of versatility with adjustable height straps and universal fittings for ease of installation on-site.

Also used for face fixing, they are easy to align using location tabs and speed prongs to facilitate one-handed installation.

Available in product sizes from 47 mm x 270 mm to 175 mm x 270 mm.

Timber to timber long leg joist hangers

Heavy duty long leg hangers, these single-piece, non-welded, long-lasting products provide stable and reliable support for timber to timber connections and are designed for load applications where more length is required because the hanger extends below the support, such as loft conversions.

These heavy-duty joist hangers are available in product sizes from 47 mm x 450 mm to 150 mm x 450mm.


Selecting a high-quality galvanised steel joist hanger is a vital consideration for safety and strength in housing construction. Choose Supreme Merchants for speed and security of supply from stock, for both bulk quantities and smaller orders.