Joist Hanger Timber to Masonry

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Joist Hanger Timber to Masonry

Discover our versatile range of timber-to-masonry joist hangers, designed to facilitate secure connections between solid sawn joists, trusses, and engineered joists to masonry walls or steel beams.


  • Crafted from pre-galvanized mild steel.

Key Benefits:

  • Built-in inspection slot at the base of the hanger, making ground-level inspections a breeze.
  • Top flange provides the broadest contact area with masonry support, ensuring superior performance.
  • Embossments on the hanger stiffen the top flange, while strategically placed holes allow for enhanced mortar keying.
  • Deeper hangers feature a side flange that extends significantly higher than traditional styles, substantially increasing resistance to joist rotation.

Standard Masonry Installation:

  • For a standard masonry installation, set the hanger’s back flange securely against the block wall, aligning it with the desired level. Continue by adding additional courses until the wall reaches the desired height. Whenever possible, ensure the joist is snugly positioned against the back of the hanger, with a maximum allowable gap of 6mm.
  • Please note that a minimum of three courses of solid block (equivalent to 675mm of masonry) must be placed above the hanger, with the mortar fully cured, before any load is applied. Avoid stacking blocks or heavy loads on the joists during construction unless the joists have additional support to bear the full load both vertically and horizontally.

Fixed to Steel Beams:

  • When the hanger depth is less than the depth of the steel beam’s ‘I’ section, timber must be used in the web of the steel beam. Ensure the timber is flush with the outer edges of the ‘I’ section steel beam.
  • The installation of shot-fired pins must be carried out by a qualified individual in strict accordance with the manufacturer’s installation guidelines.

Experience uncompromised support and durability with our timber-to-masonry joist hangers, engineered to meet the demands of your construction projects.

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