DPC Rolls

All buildings are vulnerable to rising dampness. Installation of a damp proof course DPC near ground level is the most commonly used and cost-effective method to create a physical barrier to prevent damp and moisture from rising up porous walls of a structure through capillary action.

Damp in buildings can cause serious health issues as well as structural damage, creating a range of problems including mould and rot.

A correctly installed damp proof course will keep moisture out, providing a cost-effective solution. They can be used for most built structures and brick and block work including stone, concrete, brick and block walls, in both vertical and horizontal applications. Correct installation procedures are to site the DPC 150mm above ground level on external walls.

DPC usually consists of strips of black plastic materials, available in numerous widths, which can be overlapped to achieve the required coverage. Where overlapping occurs, this should be at least 100mm to ensure the correct and durable operation of the DPC.

Various lengths and sizes

Supreme Merchants supply a comprehensive range of Damp Proof Course DPC rolls at 30 metre lengths, conforming to EN 14909 and BS6515 for domestic construction applications.

The range includes:

The special diamond embossed texture of these rolls will assist mortar adhesion. These premium quality DPC rolls provide a strong and durable solution.

Meets building regulations

All Supreme Merchants DPC products meet building regulations and conform to BS 6515 and EN 14909.

We recommend that the best practices set out in the BS 5628 Code of Practice for use in masonry covering the safe and effective use of masonry in construction projects are always followed when installing a damp-proof course.

In summary

Damp proof course DPC rolls are always in stock in a full range of widths, buy now to stock up for your next building project.