Drywall Plasterboard

Drywall plasterboard is an extremely popular building material, used by builders for construction and renovation projects to ensure their work meets building regulations in terms of insulation, thermal efficiency and even fire resistance. It’s known by many different names including wallboard, gypsum boards and dry lining.

Plasterboard is primarily used to create interior walls and ceilings as well as partitions. It offers several important benefits; it’s easy to install, it’s lightweight, it’s economical, it provides a foundation for a direct decoration and a smooth finish and it’s a sustainable choice too – plasterboard is 100% recyclable.

Different types of plasterboard

There are several types to consider when installing plasterboard to match individual applications. Insulated plasterboard with a thermal backing improves insulation, fire protection properties slow the spread of fire, acoustic plasterboard and soundproof plasterboard reduce sound transmission between rooms, moisture resistant plasterboard is suitable for use in bathrooms and kitchens, and there are even a small number of plasterboard designs suitable for exterior use.

Sizes and thicknesses

Plasterboard is available in different sizes and thicknesses. The most commonly used is a 9.5mm square edge, used for ceilings and walls in domestic premises. Thicker boards at 12.5mm tapered edge provide the perfect finish for both commercial and domestic applications and also provide more sound insulation.

Plasterboards have proved a highly successful replacement for an earlier product containing asbestos, now no longer used. It’s easy to handle and install, creates a professional finish, offers a cost-effective option, and can even be used for curved walls.

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