DPM Sheeting

Damp proof membranes (DPM) are designed to prevent rising dampness through capillary action, creating a simple, effective and affordable barrier to prevent moisture from reaching the concrete slab. They are commonly used as a protective layer beneath concrete flooring and walls as well as other applications like roofing structures.

They can be used in conjunction with a damp proof course to fight against the problems caused by both rising and penetrating dampness. In areas subject to high levels of radon, they are also used to create a gas control membrane, when incorporated as part of an overall gas-resistant design.

DPM is normally laid beneath concrete slabs, and sealed with polythene jointing tape to walls before the concrete is laid in line with building regulations, to block any moisture rising through porous concrete from the ground and degrading the material.

All damp proof membrane supplied by Supreme Merchants is CE approved, manufactured to BBA approved standards and comply with local building regulations.

Gauges for common applications

Supreme Merchants supplies DPM polythene sheeting damp proof membrane in rolls measuring 4m wide by 25m in length in 3 gauges;

We also supply a Vapour Barrier Membrane at 125mu width 2.45m in various lengths, used to prevent interstitial condensation and improve the air tightness of the structure.

So what do the different gauges signify? Typically, a 1000 gauge is recommended for installation as a DPM for groundwork and general building applications. 1200 gauge offers a more durable damp proof membrane solution and is also suitable for use as a gas control membrane. 2000 gauge offers superior qualities for more challenging applications.


For effective protection and high resistance against moisture ingress and the problems associated with damp and mould, consider using a durable damp proof membrane alongside a damp proof course for walls and concrete floors. Browse our BBA approved selection today to choose the right options for you.