Bulk Buy Gravel and Decorative Aggregates

Creating the perfect finish for landscaping projects, Supreme Merchants stocks a comprehensive range of gravels, decorative aggregates and stones to improve the performance and aesthetics of patios, paths, drives and other garden schemes.

Loose products such as stones and aggregates play an important role in improving drainage in garden areas, as well as acting as effective weed suppressants. These low-maintenance products provide a sustainable and durable solution.

At Supreme Merchants, we have a track record and experience in supplying bulk bag quantities of products including shingle, gravel, chippings and other stone products to all sectors including commercial and domestic.

Cotswold Chippings

Cotswold chippings are a recycled aggregate made from crushed limestone, reflecting the warm cream and yellow colouration of natural Cotswold stone. This natural gravel – also known as Cotswold buff or limestone chippings – provides a decorative choice for beds, borders and even driveways due to its shape and durability.

10mm Gravel/Pea Shingle

Ideal for multiple applications, from decorative uses on paths and driveways to creating soakaways for drainage purposes and even concrete mixes, our 10mm bulk bag garden gravel/pea shingle provides an affordable and versatile choice.

20mm Gravel

Like 10mm pea gravel, our 20mm decorative gravel is the ideal choice for a range of hard landscaping options, from pathways to drives, as well as soakaways and concrete mixes. 20mm gravel is often selected by customers for driveway applications as the larger size is less likely to embed in tyre treads.

20mm Golden Gravel

Usually chosen for its decorative appeal, 20mm golden gravel is also known as golden flint and southern gold. Typically made of quartzite, it is a natural product providing quality and durability. The attractive colour mix of bright yellows and whites combined with darker hues makes it particularly suitable for decorative applications.


Looking to enhance and improve outdoor spaces? Take a look at the selection of products from Supreme Merchants on our website, from bulk bags of gravel to decorative stones, for your next landscaping project. Talk to us – we can provide expert advice on how much gravel you will need when ordering and recommend the right product for your application.