Prestressed Concrete Lintels

Prestressed concrete lintels provide increased strength and performance due to the inclusion of high-tension steel wires embedded in the block, thereby significantly enhancing load-bearing capacity.

Robust masonry support

In construction a concrete lintel is designed to withstand vertical loads, distributing weight over a wider area to enhance stability. They are used above door and window openings to improve the integrity of the masonry.

Prestressed concrete lintels from Supreme Merchants are manufactured in standard sizes of 6×4″ (140x100mm) and 4×3″ (100x65mm). The lengths available include 600mm (2ft), 900mm (3ft), 1200mm (4ft), 1500mm (5ft), 1800mm (6ft), 2100mm (7ft) and 2400mm (8ft). With a high strength-to-section ratio, there’s an option to match almost any opening but note that a minimum end bearing of 150mm should be allowed.

Safer manual handling

High-strength lintels are mostly specified for brick and masonry structures and unlike steel lintels a concrete lintel is often visible or ‘Fair Faced’ and sometimes painted and decorated. A smooth finish which is a result of the prestressed casting system also allows for safer manual handling during installation.

As well as resilient masonry support a concrete lintel can also be installed to create different decorative architectural features such as arches and headers supporting brickwork around doorways.

Consistent high quality to British and Irish standards

High-performance structural concrete is used to produce our lintel range, which is pre-stressed and EN 845 certified to guarantee consistently high quality. They are freeze and thaw-resistant and offer fire resistance while providing economical high-strength solutions for windows and doors.

Contact Supreme Merchants for more information on our precast concrete lintels range and browse a comprehensive selection of aggregates and mortar materials to complement our prestressed lintels.