6×4 Concrete Lintel 2100mm Prestressed

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6×4 Concrete Lintel 2100mm

6×4 Concrete Lintel 2100mm are a textured prestressed concrete lintel used any typical lintel applications. Reinforced with steel these lintels are load bearing.

  • 6×4 (140mm x 100mm) in size
  • 7ft (2100mm) in length
  • Minimum bearing of 150mm on each end of the lintel
  • Colour and texture of lintel may vary dependant on what is available in area local to delivered address

If you are looking for a general purpose 6×4 concrete lintel designed to be load bearing – this is the product you require.

This product is known by names such as prestressed concrete lintel, precast concrete lintel.

If you need to know concrete lintel sizes or any information on concrete lintel installation please contact us.

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