Bags of Plaster

Plaster is a versatile building material, used to create a smooth finish for internal walls and ceilings prior to the application of paint or wallpaper. Easy to work and mould, plaster is usually applied on top of plasterboard providing a supporting framework and creating walls and partitions.

Plaster is commonly made using gypsum, lime or cement combined with water. The dry powder is mixed with a defined amount of water to create a workable material which is then applied to the plasterboard surface using a plastering trowel.

It is always best to use fresh plaster, although properly stored it can last for three to six months. Plaster is hygroscopic, absorbing moisture quickly and easily, and old plaster may seem fine to start with but can set too quickly, which will reduce its eventual strength and efficacy.

As well as creating a consistent flat layer for subsequent wallpapering and painting, plaster offers additional sound insulation properties and forms a robust, protective and long-lasting finish. It is an ideal material for effecting small repair jobs and is also used in decorative applications like stucco to create relief surfaces.

Types of plaster bags

There are many types of plaster, each with specific properties and benefits which make them suitable for different applications.

Thistle multi-finish plaster

A versatile finish plaster suitable for multiple applications, British Gypsum thistle multi-finish plaster is one of the UK’s most popular plaster products used to create a skim finish and high-quality surface. Ideal for use as part of a two-coat plaster system on undercoat plasters and plasterboard, sets quickly and provides a smooth and stable surface.

Gyproc Dri-Wall Adhesive

Also known as plasterboard adhesive, board adhesive and plasterboard glue, Gyproc is used for dab-fixing plasterboard linings in place onto other substrates such as masonry, creating a level surface. It can also be used to effect repairs to existing walls and is easy to mix and apply.

Thistle Bonding Coat

Ideal for use on a range of surfaces such as plasterboard, tiles, and concrete blocks, Thistle BondingCoat is a base coat bonding plaster designed for use on low-suction (smooth) backgrounds.

Also known as bonding plaster and bonding coat plaster, this versatile product provides a durable base and can be used on new walls or to repair existing surfaces before skimming with finishing plaster.

Thistle Board Finish Plaster

The ideal skim finish plaster for plasterboard, suitable for low to medium suction surfaces, thistle board finish plaster creates a smooth and durable finish.


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