Driveway channel drainage

Effective drainage is a must for every driveway and is also commonly installed on patios and other areas such as block paving. A drainage channel is important to prevent heavy rain from causing flooding, waterlogging and damage to the underlying structure.

Managing surface water is an essential safety consideration, protecting foundations and channelling excess water away from important structures, preventing property damage.

Supreme Merchants stocks high-quality DekDrain drainage channels, developed specifically to perform in light domestic and landscaping projects. Typical applications include driveways used for light traffic, garage thresholds to avoid ingress of water, patios, public footpaths and hard-landscaped garden areas.

Channel drainage – also referred to as ACO Drain, Channel Drain, Trench Drain and Linear Drain, relies on the effects of gravity, so must be installed at points where surface water moves naturally, directing excess water discreetly and efficiently into the local sewer system.

Galvanised steel channel drains

These popular linear drainage channels have been developed for strength and resilience. The slot drain design featuring linear bars means water is gathered into the channel drain from each angle, successfully disrupting water flow and preventing the water from traversing the drain.

The robust system features a plastic drainage channel with a steel grate, which is easy to remove to clean out any plant debris, silt or gravel which may have been washed into the channel.  This easy-clean feature ensures your channel drainage will remain effective over time.

DekDrain steel products offered by Supreme Merchants include:

  • Single 1m length steel drainage channels
  • 3-pack 1m length steel channel drain complete with end caps and connectors

They are lightweight yet strong and easy to install for both DIY and professional projects.

Plastic grate option

Supreme Merchants also supply a complete channel drainage pack featuring a plastic body and plastic grate, ideal for garden and pedestrian areas as well as paving comprising three 1m plastic grate lengths, end caps and outlet connectors.

For shorter run applications, the 1m length channel drains in the garage packs have an indicated cutting point at 500mm, and plastic quads can be purchased if the drainage channel needs to go around 90-degree angles.

Load ratings

There is a range of different weight load ratings for channel drainage specified by BS EN 124:2015, which sets out the safe strength and weight capacities for different applications. Load ratings range from A15 up to F900 load class demanded by heavy-duty Industrial applications like docks and airport runways.

Drainage channels supplied by Supreme Merchants are A15 rated, making them suitable for loads up to 1.5 tonnes and for drains in lightly trafficked areas, patios, and gardens.

In summary

Protect your property against potential damage from flooding and water run-off with a new channel drainage installation. Take a look at the products on offer from Supreme Merchants.