65mm LBC Heather

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65mm LBC Heather

Brick: 65mm LBC Heather
Face Type: Light Texture
Colour: Red Multi
Configuration: Frogged 15-20% voids
Manufacturer: Forterra
Brand/Factory: Whittlesey
Dimensions: 215mm (w) x 102.5mm (d) x 65mm (h)

Compressive Strength: 25N/mm2
Size Tolerance: Mean: T2 / Range: R1
Water Absorption: 23%
Active Soluble Salts Content: S2
Durability Rating: F1
Dry Weight: 1.95kg
Pack Quantity: 390

Manufactured to BS EN 771-1

65mm LBC Heather is a quality red multi brick, consisting of mainly red shades. These are a light textured brick from the Butterley range manufactured by Forterra previously known as Hanson.

This brick is a very common brick with a lot of estates being built out of these. They are an excellent option as they mix in well with other old, discontinued bricks.

*Please note pictures shown are for illustration purposes only.

*Please note if you purchase more than a single pack – please work from all the packs at the same time to avoid clusters of the same colour in one area – it is best to use bricks from all of the packs you have at the same time to ensure a consistent mixture of the colours and textures of the brick are throughout the whole of the wall.

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