110mm Drainage Pipe

In the UK, the 110mm underground drainage pipe is the accepted standard size specified in building regulations for domestic/residential housing installations, used to manage and dispose of wastewater.

For applications where houses are joined to the main drainage system, a larger 160mm pipe is installed to handle the main flow. These two measurements relate to the outside diameter of the pipe.

Above-ground drainage (soil pipes) also measure 110mm, which allows these to connect directly to the underground system without the need to use adaptors to join. 110mm single and double socket pipe is also used for a range of different plumbing projects.

Usually manufactured from PVC, these underground drainage systems typically consist of straight lengths of 110mm pipe combined with fittings including angled bends and junctions and double sockets to enable them to change direction or adapt and fit into another system.

The pipes are usually intended to transport wastewater or foul water into the sewage systems, but also serve to channel soakaway and rainwater where required.

The advantages of PVC drainage pipes

  • Lightweight, durable, strong and inexpensive
  • Easy to handle and install
  • Withstands high levels of pressure
  • Resistant to leaks and corrosion
  • Excellent flow rates
  • Maintenance free

All standard options available

Supreme Merchants offers a comprehensive range of PVC 110mm underground drainage pipe fittings.


Supreme Merchants stocks a large range of 110mm underground drainage pipes and fittings suitable for both large and small building projects – contact us to discuss your requirements.