Bulk Offer 18mm OSB 3 Sterling Board 2397mm x 1197mm (8’x 4′)

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Bulk Offer 18mm OSB 3 Sterling Board 2397mm x 1197mm (8’x 4′)

Transform Your Building Projects with the Unparalleled 9mm Structural OSB 3 Sterling Board

Discover the strength and versatility of the 18mm Structural OSB 3 Sterling Board, the perfect material for demanding construction environments. This board is the go-to for professionals seeking a combination of durability and moisture resistance for their internal and external building needs. Certified by FSC/PEFC, it stands as a testament to sustainable building practices, utilizing younger trees that regenerate quickly, making it a responsible choice for our planet.

Unmatched Features for Diverse Applications:

  • Structurally Sound: Specially designed for load-bearing applications, it’s a robust choice for flooring, roofing, and wall sheathing.
  • Moisture Resistant: Engineered to perform in humid conditions, making it ideal for challenging climates.
  • Environmentally Conscious: Crafted from eco-friendly materials, it supports sustainable forestry initiatives.
  • Installation Made Simple: No special tools required, easily cut, shaped, and secured, enhancing work efficiency.
  • Reliable Quality: Adheres to EN 300 performance standards and boasts BBA approval, ensuring your projects meet high industry benchmarks.

In-depth Technical Specifications:

  • Thickness: 18mm, offering a sturdy base for various applications.
  • Dimensions: Precise at 2397mm x 1197mm, it provides substantial coverage.
  • Sales Unit Coverage: Each sheet covers 2.87m², allowing for comprehensive project planning.
  • Affordability: Priced from just £16.25 ex. VAT (£5.64 per m²), it provides value without compromising quality.

Leverage the power of the 18mm OSB 3 Sterling Board for your construction projects, knowing you are choosing a product that embodies strength, sustainability, and supreme quality. Whether building a summer house, fitting a shop, or sheathing a wall, this board promises to deliver performance and reliability​.

OSB Sterling Board is known by several other names which can vary based on the manufacturer and geographic location. Here’s a list of alternative terms for OSB Sterling Board:

  • Waferboard
  • Flakeboard
  • Sterling Board
  • Sterling OSB
  • Aspenite
  • Smartply

These terms are often used interchangeably but are generally understood to refer to the same type of engineered wood product that adheres to certain industry standards