25kg 10mm Gravel / Pea Shingle Handy Bag

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25kg 10mm Gravel / Pea Shingle Handy Bag

25kg 10mm Gravel / Pea Shingle Handy Bag is a quality gravel which can be used in multiple situations such as a decorative gravel for driveways or paths, for drainage to act as a soakaway or to mix with a standard concrete mix.

  • Approx 25kg in weight (will vary due to moisture content within the product)
  • Consistent in quality and colour
  • Supplied in a polythene bag
  • Colour & texture dependant of gravel available in area local to delivered address.

If you are looking for a product which is not overly expensive compared to other decorative aggregates on the market, this product is ideal.

This product is known by names such as 10mm gravel, 10mm shingle, 10mm pea shingle, pea shingle. All these names refer to the same product.

We also supply this in bulk loads which could reduce the price – contact us for more information on this.

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